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  • Energy-efficient buildings
    [Shimizu Corporation] (Year 2013-2014)


    • Advancement in urbanization has lead to increases in the need to improve living conditions, and energy consumption in city buildings has increased substantially.
    • It is desirable to increase the number of buildings that have minimal impact on the environment by taking advantage of various energy-saving methods when undertaking large-scale refurbishment of existing buildings.

    Project outline

    • Becoming energy-efficient and reduction in GHG are intended by combining advanced products and technologies from Japan to optimize lighting equipment, optimize air-conditioning systems and usage conditions, and implement the smart BEMS to control and manage energy.
    • This year will focus on selecting targeted buildings planned for renovation, investigate the energy usage states, establish an energy-efficiency improvement plan, and discuss potential businesses.

    CO2 reduction

    Streamlining delivery vehicles at one commercial base down to a third ⇒90tCO-2/year reduction

    Co-benefit effect

    • Raises awareness of energy efficiency, promoting more energy-efficient house appliances or encouraging green actions through ensuring energy saving in city building
    • Enhances the durability of buildings, with a prospect of reducing urban waste
    発表資料 建物の省エネルギー化による温室効果ガス削減 [PDFファイル:588KB]
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